Writing Client-Focused Government Proposals

For many Contracting Officers, the proposals we submit are the first piece of contact these individuals have with our clients. When writing a proposal, we must adequately promote the goods and services that our clients provide, while showcasing the aspects that set our clients apart from other companies that are bidding. That’s why it’s important to make sure proposals are client-oriented in every aspect. In the long run, the proposals submitted act as a sort of marketing material for the Contracting Officer receiving the information.

To ensure the government proposals we submit stay true to who our client is (while making them stand out as the right choice for the government contract), we focus on several aspects:

  1. How our client runs their business
  2. The client’s internal marketing strategy
  3. The client’s differentiators
  4. The client’s voice

Though these are all important aspects of a proposal, the client’s voice is worth highlighting.

Proposals set the expectations for communication between the Government Officials and our clients, and consistency within this is key.

When the government hires and starts communicating regularly with our clients, voice consistency within the proposal ensures that the client’s tone is familiar and consistent with the government’s expectations.

Not only does incorporating the client’s voice make it easier for clients when communicating with the government, but it also makes it easier for our team to write proposals. Our writers gain a better understanding of the client’s business as they incorporate the client’s tone and voice throughout proposals. As the tone is incorporated, our writers learn client language preference. This benefits the client and our team during the review process as the client does not have to spend much time deciding if the proposal needs phrasing changes.

Overall, by ensuring government proposals are client-oriented and by using our client’s voice and tone throughout proposals, our clients feel confident knowing that we understand their business and that each proposal reflects the client’s personality.

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