Winning Small in Big Government

In March of 2019, the President released his budget request for fiscal year 2020 – a record $4.746 trillion.

When companies looking to compete in the government space view the federal budget, they often see big dollars signs – and they’re right. The Federal Government is a broad space where most small businesses can offer a component fits criterion to be awarded federal contracts. However, being capable of performing a service or product for the government is different than being awarded contracts.

Past performance weighs heavily on Contracting Officers’ minds despite there being trillions of dollars in opportunities. So, how do companies stand out when they are new to the government space?

Win small.

Companies new to the government space should seek small awards and narrow scope projects that will allow them to build their resume. A recent JetCo Solutions client was awarded a $325 contract to 3D print a few parts. Now, they have experience in the eyes of big government.

Though these small contracts may not have big dollar signs, they play an important role. If a small business can focus on sub $10,000 contracts and the quality of their work, they can build credibility in the government space.

Small contracts, on-time delivery, and a long list of past performances can lead to big contract wins in the future.

Is your company ready to sell to the government? If so, we can help!

JetCo Solutions serves as an embedded government sales and marketing team for our clients. We provide ongoing support that includes the entire government sales and marketing life cycle. Contact us to see how we can help your company.

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