$40 Billion Ukraine Aid Package

Global Connection

Our world has experienced great change over the last few years. Some that brought unity and global awareness and others that detrimentally struck nations to the core. Nonetheless, the undeniable outcome that rose from all these events was the collective acknowledgement that we are all connected and impacted in some variable way to every global event that marks our world. A clear indicator of this realization is the growing number of government actions and policy making related to aiding and protecting other countries. World leaders and officials have been in the forefront of news updates and at the center of the public eye. Therefore, a bridge must be maintained between public and political affairs. This means that they not only have to support the resolution, but leaders must uphold our way of living congruently.

Intergovernmental Aid

As the global coronavirus pandemic seems to plateau, we have witnessed a timeline of events between Russia and Ukraine which has led to an untimely war. Over the last seven months this conflict has caused an excessive amount of destruction to the people of Ukraine. The United States, along with other countries, have devised a plan to assist Ukraine in their defense tactics.

On Thursday, May 19th 2022 the U.S. Senate passed a bill that will provide Ukraine $40 billion in new military, economic, and humanitarian aid redevelopment. That bill was formally signed two days later by U.S. President, Joe Biden. This executive action came immediately after Russia declared victory in an extensive battle for Mariupol’s Asovstal steel plant.

The $40 billion package covers several categories. First and foremost, this provides $19 billion for immediate military support to Ukraine.  This package also contains $3.9 billion aid to reenforce U.S defenses deployed to Europe. Economic and humanitarian fortitude of Ukraine is also covered. This package provides roughly $16 billion to help stimulate the Ukrainian economy and move their resources into a redeveloping phase. The use of global humanitarian relief and international programs will in return breed a long-term support to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, or NATO. This aid specifically provides $2 billion to support these alliance efforts.

The overall expectation for the United States assistance is to help strengthen a nation that has seen tremendous damage to their country and yet still wishes to defend their autonomy. The initial and most promising affect that this package will have is relief to the nation of Ukraine and a stronger military force against Russia. With millions of refugees who have fled their homeland and over $100 billion in infrastructure damage; there is an indefinite need for redevelopment.

Important aspects from this package shed light on the direction of the nation and although this decision has ignited much political conversation, its benefits are expected to have lengthy and indelible effects. As the world closely pays attention to the affairs of allied nations, the United States has taken a collective approach and establishes a willingness to support Ukraine in its tedious venture.

Impact on Nations

Consequently, the drastic measures taken in political affairs correlate directly with the fluctuations of other major concerns such as economic sustainment and social camaraderie. Each of these factors must be balanced and equally fortified for a country to remain stable.

Since the conflict began between Russia and Ukraine, a sharp rise in commodity prices and shortage of supply chain availability has struck the global market. With no resolution insight, it has become very clear that the world must carry the load and withstand the deprivation that war brings.

To conclude, it is very likely that we will see more policies and funding approvals relating to global redevelopment efforts. As we continue to progress politically, economically, and socially so should our necessary ideological principles to meet the needs of our world.

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