Stand Out Grant Proposals

Historic Federal Spending Bills

Numerous historic federal spending bills have recently passed and the scramble to get in on the funding has commenced. JetCo’s research shows that just one of the American Rescue Act Plan grants had over 500 applicants. So how can your grant proposal stand out among the competition?  

Standing Out Among the Crowd

First, while a grant proposal can appear similar to a response to an RFP, a Notice of Funding Opportunity, or Funding Opportunity Announcement (solicitation), it’s not quite that simple. A grant funding opportunity at its core is the funder’s request for a partnership with an entity that can advance its mission, advocacy, and call for change.  

A grant proposal that stands out is one that describes in detail how a project fits the funder’s advocacy goals and objectives better than anyone else. This starts with defining the need in a way that illustrates your understanding of the problem and while demonstrating that you have the best solution.  

Funders and Realistic Projects

The description of your project should be specific and measurable. You should also describe what indicators you will track to ensure your project is successful. Funders also want to see realistic projects. What is your management plan for implementation? Are all the responsibilities defined? Do all tasks have an owner?    

A funder will expect to see a complete project with all the risks identified, a description of assumptions, and the plan for overcoming the risks. A funder also wants to ensure that the money it will provide is an investment in sustainable outcomes. Therefore, a stand out grant proposal should provide a plan for how a project will continue without this funding.  

Tone can’t be underestimated. The grant proposal should be simple to read and resonate with the evaluator. JetCo writers are experienced in the nuances of grant writing and can help your organization plan and prepare grant proposals that get funded.    

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