MDEX and IDEX 2021 Recap

JetCo Solutions places a strong emphasis on creating, building, and strengthening relationships with many different agencies and enterprises for our clients. One of the many ways that JetCo Solutions accomplishes this is by being an active attendee to some of the defense industries most prominent conferences. Recently, JetCo Solutions attended two conferences, the Michigan Defense Exposition (MDEX) and the International Defense Exposition (IDEX).

This year, MDEX was held virtually for all attendees and offered insights into opportunities and developments from the U.S. Army. MDEX allows companies to showcase their business to prospective buyers and share their needs and opportunities. This year’s conference included 1-on-1 meetings with Army buyers and supply chain managers, exhibitors, and other companies. Over the two-day conference, there were various panels and program briefings that showcased developments and outlooks for departments such as Ground Vehicle Systems Center (GVCS) and Robotic Combat Vehicles (RCV).

JetCo Solutions encourages its clients to attend expositions and conferences in order expand their network, connect with buyers and suppliers, and showcase their capabilities. Clients not only leave the conference with more information about how to prepare for where the Army is heading, but they also leave with valuable connections.

Over the past year, many conferences have gone virtual, but JetCo Solutions had the privilege to attend the largest defense exposition in the world in person. IDEX is only held every few years due to its immense scale. IDEX was hosted in Abu Dhabi this year and JetCo Solutions attended with our close partner, the Michigan Defense Center. This year saw 62,445 visitors from 59 countries, which closed $5.7 billion worth of deals with local and international companies during the 4-day event.

IDEX Booth

JetCo Solutions was able to connect with many companies that utilized our clients’ products and services. In addition to networking opportunities, this year’s conference topics ranged from supply chain ecosystem management, cyber security, research and development, and artificial intelligence. The conference is designed to bring thought leaders, policy makers, influencers, researchers, and futurists under one roof to debate and share ideas related to technological advancement and disruptive technologies.

Attending these conferences is how JetCo Solutions tries to expand our network and bridge the gap between our clients and their solutions. Ask how we can connect you with the right solution by contacting our team.

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