GSA Transitions to DocuSign, eOffer and eMod to FAS ID

Effective Monday, November 30, the General Services Administration (GSA) will require contractors to use DocuSign when digitally signing documents in eOffer and eMod. According to GSA, this change, “aligns with GSA’s overall IT modernization efforts to support security and provide a solution that is legally recognized internationally.”

What does this mean for contractors?

  • November 25 – 29 will be a transition period for GSA as they get the platform set up. During this time, contractors and offerors will not be able to submit new offers and requests for modifications in eOffer and eMod.
  • All documents pending signature must be signed by the contracting officer and contractor/offeror no later than Monday, November 23. There can be no partially signed documents during the transition period.
  • Contractors/offerors will be able to initiate new and work on in-progress offers and modification requests, so there is no change to those sections.

In addition to the transition to DocuSign, GSA announced that eOffer and eMod will be moved to the FAS ID multi-factor authentication system (MFA) in late Q2 of fiscal year 2021. GSA recently implemented MFA to their Mass Mod Portal in August and they are looking to support security on other platforms, such as eOffer and eMod. The FAS ID MFA will replace digital certificates once implementation has been complete.

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