Federal Government to Replace DUNS with New Unique Entity Identifier

Businesses that contract with the federal government have used a DUNS number since it became a standard, unique business identifier in 1994, but that is changing. By April 2022, the government will transition to a new system created in SAM.gov: Unique Entity Identifiers.

Why is this transition taking place?

The transition is taking place for two main reasons:

  1. Entities will no longer have to use a third-party website to get their identifier.
  2. The SAM.gov unique identifier system allows the government to streamline the identification process.

How do I find my Unique Entity ID?

Business can view their Unique Entity ID (UEI) within SAM.gov. UEIs have already been assigned to entities. You can find your UEI below your DUNS number on the entity registration record. For detailed instructions, check out fsd.gov.

DUNS will remain the official identifier for doing business with the government until April 4, 2022. On that date, the government will officially switch to the UEIs created in SAM.gov.

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