Employee Spotlight: Megan Gomery

This month’s employee spotlight features Megan Gomery, GSA Specialist at JetCo Solutions.

Tell me a little bit about what you do at JetCo Solutions.

I’m a GSA Specialist, and in my role, I aid in the process of getting a GSA schedule for JetCo Solutions clients. For those who are part of our maintenance program, I maintain certain parts of their GSA schedule once they are awarded it.

Before you came to work at JetCo Solutions, what did you do?

Megan Gomery

Before I came to work at JetCo Solutions, I was working for a research project in Ethiopia called the Simien Mountains Gelada Research Project. This is led by faculty at the University of Michigan, Stony Brook University, and the University of Washington. In this role, I would oversee about six employees at a time and communicated with local and federal government to make sure the project had the necessary permits. Altogether, I was living in Ethiopia for about four years before I came back to Grand Rapids.

Are there certain aspects of your job that you are extremely passionate about?

We’ve piloted a couple different services for GSA clients and they’re going great! One service is conducting 1-on-1 trainings for clients who want to have the resources and knowledge to internally manage their contract.

I also love the sales and marketing aspect of GSA. Submitting RFQs so that clients can win contracts through eBuy gives us a different look on GSA from the contractor’s perspective.

If you could describe the JetCo Solutions team in one word, what would it be?

Comradery. We’re like one big family.

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