Employee Spotlight: Emily Ferrera

This month’s employee spotlight features Emily Ferrera, Technical Writer at JetCo Solutions.

Emily Ferrera

Tell me a little bit about what you currently do at JetCo Solutions.

As a Technical Writer, I curate proposals for clients to help with their government sales endeavors. This includes reviewing solicitations, drafting outlines, working with clients to make edits, and packaging the hard copy bids. Overall, it’s client relationship management mixed with technical writing.

Before you came to work at JetCo Solutions, what did you do?

Before working at JetCo Solutions, I was also in the consulting business. I was a writing consultant at Grand Valley State University. It’s similar in the sense to what I do now as I worked alongside clients to help them find success.

Emily Ferrera

What is your favorite aspect about being a Technical Writer?

On the client-end, I like that JetCo Solutions works primarily with small businesses. We help these businesses succeed in the government space, and it’s great to see them grow as a result of our work. On the technical writing side, I like that I get to learn something new every day, whether that’s facts about information technology or how elevators work. Every client is diverse and brings new information to the table. Being able to help small businesses is very rewarding as I know the work that’s done has a big impact on the entire company.

What makes JetCo Solutions different than other companies helping with government sales?

First, our proposal management processes are proven to work, whether we’re using them to help a small or large company. It’s a tried and true method that is used every single day.

Second, being a small business ourselves - and a veteran-owned small business at that - we have our eye out for the little guy. We want to help minority-owned and diverse companies succeed in the government space, both on a professional and personal level. Other large consulting companies often forget about the people aspect and focus on the processes. We’re focused on both.

Third, we’re particular about who we take on as a client. We won’t work with our clients’ competition and ensure our clients are experts in their industry.

If you could use three words to describe JetCo Solutions' clients, what would they be?

  1. Determined. Government sales truly make an impact on our clients’ life and business, and they’re determined to win contracts.
  2. Savvy. Our clients are experts in their industry and in business.
  3. Personable.

Interested in becoming a client? Shoot us a message and we’ll set up a time to chat.

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