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B2G Market Research

The idea of selling to government might be something you’ve thought about from time to time.  Or, maybe you have decided you want to tackle the government market but still feel overwhelmed, and maybe even a little doubtful, about the prospect.  That would be understandable, considering the size of the marketplace.  There are hundreds of agencies, departments, and bureaus within the federal government alone, and it can be surprising to learn which ones buy what you sell.

A basic first step in deciding whether to sell to government is research.  Business-to-Government (B2G) market research can shed light on some of your questions:  Does government buy what we sell?  Which governments should we target (federal, state, local)?  Should we include school districts, colleges and universities in our plans?

One of our previous blogs mentioned that government contracting officers work in a fishbowl.  This type of transparency also provides many tools to use in performing B2G market research.  When I do research, I utilize these tools to learn which government agencies to target.  I learn which contracting officers work with the agencies on these procurements.  I run data for multiple years and learn about the competition – which are the top vendors, are there any new or emerging companies?  I run bid searches to learn about any current or recent procurement activity.  I determine the appropriate procurement codes and commodity/service categories to target.

B2G market research can take you in many different directions.  Putting in the effort on the front end can be the key to making the right decision about whether or not to sell to government and can lead to success if the decision is pursue government as a customer.  It also can be time-consuming and difficult to accomplish with limited resources.  We can help!

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