Attending Eurosatory

Building Relationships Outside of the US

JetCo Solutions places a strong emphasis on creating, building, and strengthening relationships with many different agencies and enterprises for our clients. One of the many ways that JetCo Solutions accomplishes this is by being an active attendee at some of the defense industries’ most prominent conferences. Recently, JetCo Solutions attended Eurosatory, an international weaponry industry trade fair that is held every two years in Paris, France. 

Eurosatory Overview

Eurosatory covers a wide range of products from vehicles (tanks, armored vehicles, trucks) to small arms (guns, missiles, knives) through communications systems, uniforms, logistics services, but also simulation, operational medicine, and disaster responses. This conference is about 10x the size of the AUSA Expo, which is held in Washington D.C.  

This year, given the War in Ukraine, many companies are investing in new technologies focused on the battlefield. One standout of the conference was drone technology. With the drone, the traditional view of battlefield has changed. Drones are cheap, easy to use, and are significantly safer than boots-on-the-ground. Companies are designing new utilizations for drones that will change how wars are fought. 

JetCo Solutions Creates Connections

JetCo was invited to Eurosatory by the Michigan Defense Center, as an ambassador for Michigan and the companies within. JetCo Solutions was able to connect with many companies that utilized our clients’ products and services. Our clients receive international exposure to foreign organizations, improve their network, and find new people to work and partner with. Foreign companies are trying to sell to the U.S. government, and JetCo provides the entry point they need to do so.  

Attending these conferences is how JetCo Solutions tries to expand a network and bridge the gap between our clients and their solutions. Ask how we can connect you with the right solution by contacting our team. 

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