Three Things to Know About Affirmative Action Programs to Stay Compliant with the OFCCP

When doing business with the Federal Government many procedures and protocols must be adhered to. The nature of these customs can vary, but all carry equal significance in upholding essential expectations for compliance with the government. Compliance with affirmative action programs within the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) pose a special challenge to understand and navigate.  

What is the OFCCP?

The OFCCP is run within the United States Department of Labor and its primary mission is to ensure equal employment opportunities. It supports the government’s desire to work with organizations who support the development of a workforce that reflects the demographics of the qualified available workforce. If you’re just such an organization, here are the key aspects of compliance with OFCCP Affirmative Action Programs.  

Key Aspects to Ensuring Compliance

The nature of this agency reaches far and wide to protect all those who are employed or wish to be employed, granting them a fair and equal opportunity.  All businesses conducting business with the government are required to implement these regulatory laws. However, it is vital for all contractors and subcontractors to be aware of these three key aspects to ensure compliance. 

  1. It is imperative to remember that if you have contracts with the federal government, the OFCCP applies to you regardless of any varying factors. This compliance is largely based on information and inclusion. An aware contractor or subcontractor would benefit greatly by expanding their scope and maximizing their resources to include all available applicants.  
  2. Your perspective and presumption of the OFCCP plays a tremendous role in how well you can remain compliant with the guideline standards. The agency’s main objective is to ensure that federal contractors are not discriminating in any way. The role you play in maintaining this agenda is by supporting its efforts, not hindering it. 
  3. Once a contractor or subcontractor decides to do business with the federal government, one of their initial plans of action should be to design and implement an affirmative action agenda that is solid in its foundation but able to be adjusted when required. Visiting the OFCCP website and analyzing sample plans and workforce planning tools allows you to align the future goals of your company to OFCCP requirements. 

How JetCo Can Help

The JetCo Solutions team is prepared to assist your business with the development of a plan to target government funding opportunitiesat any level of governmentand assist in assuring your business properly complies with the government's new and existing regulations. 

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