A Reflection on Leadership and Business Success

Having been a part of both large (Fortune 500) and small business, I found a couple of things to be true to every leader I have interacted with. Each one has a set of values, and those values are predicated on three things:

  • Ethics;
  • Self-confidence;
  • And the ability to hire smarter, more talented, and actively more engaged people than themselves.

A business is not always the products or services they offer, but most often is the talented individuals hired to execute a strategic plan that makes them successful.

We often see leadership in the headlines representing a successful business, and it is deserved. Good leaders have good stewards of their business, and credit is often due to the execution of a plan completed by a set of talented employees. These employees are trusted, empowered, and engaged to help make decisions that are in the best interest of their clients and counterparts.

Leadership wants to foster an environment where their employees can see them as approachable, understanding, and empathetic. As a leader, I want to be challenged by the people in my stead. We are not great because of my abilities, but because of the abilities of my team.  Each person has a unique strength where I have a weakness, and each person provides a set of values that compliment mine. Why have one mind when you can have many?

Our people are the heart of our organization. They are killing it every day, utilizing their talents to build relationships, exceeding sales goals, and impressing clients with every interactionTheir success is our success. Celebrate your people, appreciate them often, and remind them to challenge you. In return, they will make you better.

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