3 Reasons to Hire a Consultant for Your Government Sales Efforts

Whether you’re just starting in government sales or are looking to outsource your current efforts, it’s important to consider hiring a consultant for your government sales efforts. Consultants, like JetCo Solutions, bring many benefits to the table, and we outline these benefits below.

1. A Dedicated, Experienced Team.

Government sales requires a dedicated, full-time effort. It can be tough (and take immense resources) for businesses to find, vet, hire, and train candidates who are qualified to run the government sales division within their company. By choosing a consultant like JetCo Solutions as your partner in government sales, you have access to a team that is dedicated to initiating and expanding your company’s capabilities in the government sector.

JetCo Solutions’ research, capture, and proposal management teams are embedded in your government sales operations. We work with you to identify and overcome past challenges, and we tailor unique solutions to increase your probability of winning government contracts.

2. Connections and Relationship Building.

The world of government sales is complex. Between prime contractors, teaming partners, and over 400 different government agencies, it can be hard to determine which companies and agencies to work with. Government sales consultants have the connections and relationships within the government industry to strategically grow your business.

At JetCo Solutions, our team uses critical intelligence gathered by our Research Specialists to help guide decisions when it comes to partnering and building relationships within the industry. We have worked with nearly 300 different agencies and have connections with the Department of Defense, federal agency officials, and prime contractors.

3. The Tenacity to Win.

Without a dedicated government sales team, it can be difficult to stay competitive because of the due diligence required to win contracts. Additionally, government sales is a daily commitment and requires full-time employees to do it correctly. Persistence and tenacity are the driving factors in becoming a long-term successful government contractor, therefore, your consultant must also have tenacity.

The team at JetCo Solutions has the experience, dedication, and most importantly, the tenacity to help you consistently win government contracts. We work hard every single day to help your company succeed, whether it’s identifying teaming opportunities or finding trends in government spending. JetCo Solutions’ long-term strategic plan is not measured by our own company’s revenue. Instead, it’s based on the value of contracts won by our clients. We don’t win unless you win.

Government sales is a dedicated, full-time effort. Without the proper resources and experience, it’s easy to lose focus and waste time. Leave it to the experts. We’re here to help you succeed as a government contractor.

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