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Company Culture

Why Work at JetCo Solutions?

At JetCo Solutions, we truly care about the well-being of our employees. We don’t just say that, we show it. We have multiple programs in place to ensure our employees enjoy a healthy work-life balance, as well as feel fulfilled by their work. We have open conversations about mental health and ensure team members have access to proper resources.

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The Competitive Edge

When companies hire our team, they typically aren’t choosing between us and another consulting firm like ours. Instead, they are usually deciding to outsource for the first time, after having written their own bid responses and handled their own government capture in-house. These companies ask great questions to vet our team and our process, and we like these discussions.

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3 Tips to Help Navigate Your Business Through Tough Economic Times

Recent developments with COVID-19 have caused uncertainty for many businesses. But during this tough economic time, are you doing all you can to help your business thrive? Consider implementing the following items into your business strategy as you navigate these tough economic times. 1. Focus on your current customers and clients. According to a 2018 Forbes article…

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A Reflection on Leadership and Business Success

Having been a part of both large (Fortune 500) and small business, I found a couple of things to be true to every leader I have interacted with. Each one has a set of values, and those values are predicated on three things: ethics; self-confidence; and the ability to hire smarter, more talented, and actively more engaged people than themselves.

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The Client Experience: What It’s Like to Work with Us

One of the most common questions we receive when talking to potential clients is, “What is it like to work with you?” The answer to this question is multi-layered, but to put it simply: it’s all about you. Your experience with JetCo Solutions is personal, goal-oriented, and is tailored toward your needs. We measure our company’s success based on our clients’ success, so when you win, we win.

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