SAM replacing CCR / ORCA

The federal government is rolling out the System for Award Management (SAM), which will consolidate eight disparate federal procurement systems. This rollout was recently extended from May 29 to the end of July to allow federal agencies to better prepare their employees for the change. With the goal of finding efficiency and reducing duplication, SAM will replace legacy systems including those considered “Entity Management” such as the CCR and ORCA. This will lead to a streamlined process for federal government bidders, with one login to manage.

What this means for JetCo clients:

Penny Saites, our Director of Client Services, has researched the potential implications for the transition to SAM. She will maintain her connectivity on this issue and will contact you to update you on any actions we take or actions we recommend to keep your company current.

Most JetCo clients opt to have us manage their registrations and logins. For those clients, we will update your CCR and ORCA now, so that the renewal is not needed for another year. When we make this update, we will ensure that your POC and banking information is accurate.

You may receive an automated email prompting you to setup a new SAM account; we recommend against this if you have an existing CCR profile or ORCA registry. If you receive one of these emails, or you have questions, please contact Penny for guidance. You can reach Penny by phone at (616) 570-0067 x705 or by email at

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