Resolution for the New-Government-Year

We are in the last month of the government fiscal year.  (The federal government and many state governments run on an October 1 – September 30 fiscal year.)

For our team, the last month of the government fiscal year is busy. Zero based budgeting leads to an uptick in end of year spending for federal buyers, and we know to be ready in August and September.

This is also the time we make resolutions for the new government fiscal year. (In a perfect world, an actual federal budget exists for the new fiscal year. Thanks for nothing, Congress.) Our fiscal year resolutions require an introspective attitude and a critical analysis of the public purchasing landscape. Typically, we ask ourselves (and our clients) a few questions.

  1. What agencies should we add to our target list? These could be additional agencies at the same level of government or expansion into new spaces.
  2. Why did we pass on bids, and how can we overcome that rationale for passing? (Note that this requires effective tracking of pass rationale, which we do.)
  3. Why did we win or lose bids? How can we improve our proposals or our solutions to win more? (Note that this requires debriefs following losses, which we do.)
  4. Is our price to win strategy sound?
  5. Do we have ample information about bids prior to developing our win strategy? How can our research be improved upon?
  6. Have we prepared ourselves with the marketing assets we need to sell to government buyers?
  7. Do we have an accurate snapshot of our competitors? Any new players we need to scout?

Of course the point goes beyond making resolutions for the new government fiscal year. Any effective sales and marketing process – public sector or private – requires tactical planning and a methodical approach.

Care to share your New-Government-Year resolutions?

Note: a response all but guarantees you an invitation to our “Happy New Year” party on October 3. Before you discount this invitation… as an added treat, the dynamic duo of booze-infused cupcake baking will serve up some inspired sweets. (Laura Vaughn, you are officially on the hook to help me. It’s written in a blog, making you obligated. Best boozy buttercream frosting maker ever.)