Micaiah Hall Joins JetCo Solutions as Research Specialist

Grand Rapids, MICH. (October 6, 2023) — JetCo Solutions, a Grand Rapids-based government sales and marketing organization, welcomed a new team member this month.

Micaiah Hall

Micaiah Hall recently joined the JetCo Solutions team as a Research Specialist. As part of the research team, Micaiah uses his research and analytical skills to identify opportunities for clients to sell their services or products to the government. He is excited to identify programs, target agencies, and competitors for his clients.

Micaiah also worked as a Test Technician at AvaSure LLC where he did troubleshooting and trained employees on the testing program and hardware. He also spent time on a local politician’s political re-election campaign. He canvassed hundreds of voters to create a plan for voting and engage in issues that were most important to them.

Micaiah graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.

To learn more about the JetCo Solutions team, please visit our team page.   

Micaiah Hall New Hire Image

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