Worst government sales pep talk ever.

Selling to government agencies doesn't always add up.

Decisions must be made about what agencies buy what you sell, how much they buy of it, how they buy and how often.

Selling to the federal government can be rather intimidating. Information barriers are enormous, the rules are confusing and solicitations are long-winded.

The math is scary because there are a freakishly large number of contracting personnel for sales targets – more than 36,000 federal contracting officers working in 8,879 contracting offices.  On average, there are 540 federal solicitation related notices posted daily. (DAILY!)

This may seem like the worst government sales pep talk ever.

However… the purchasing power of government is enormous. They buy everything from A to Z (from agricultural supplies to Zeiss microscopes).

Without focus, companies new to government sales will spend an enormous amount of time and energy. And if the efforts are scattered, they will likely fail. We’ve seen it firsthand, and it frustrates us. Qualified, competent, sustainable small businesses become overwhelmed, eventually giving up because the substantial effort doesn’t result in revenue.

Our frustration turned into innovation, which led to a pretty sweet product line – JetCo Intel. With our Intel products, clients can isolate agency targets and maximize government sales time.

Efficient use of time + effectiveness of efforts = revenue potential.

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