JetCo Solutions Expands Research and Sales Team

Grand Rapids, MICH (Sept 2, 2020) — JetCo Solutions, a Grand Rapids-based government sales and marketing organization, hired two new employees last month.

Quinton Kichak

Quinton Kichak joins the JetCo Solutions team as a Sales Assistant. In this role, he works with JetCo Solutions’ clients and the sales team to support the transition of prospects into new clients.

Michelle Gauthier

In addition to expanding their sales team, JetCo Solutions has also expanded their research team.

Michelle Gauthier joins JetCo Solutions as a Research Assistant. In this role, she assists a single JetCo Solutions client by gathering and merging information to better serve the client’s goals. She stated that she is excited to, “use her various job and life experiences to help problem-solve and meet the client’s project needs.”

Quinton and Michelle

JetCo Solutions’ growth is attributed to the high demand for assistance with government sales. Jon Tellier, President of JetCo Solutions, stated that “government sales are virtually recession-proof." He said, "During times of crisis, now more than ever, the government needs capable companies that can provide them with quality products and services.”

For more information about the JetCo Solutions team, please visit our team page.

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