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Jon Tellier 2020

Jon Tellier
President, JetCo Solutions 616.916.3306

JetCo Solutions helps companies work with the U.S. Government through expert support in every stage of the bid cycle. We work with domestic and international clients of all sizes to effectively capture, bid, and win new contracts. Our process is comprehensive and client centric: we don't win until you do.
If you're considering U.S. Government business, or want to expand your current business, JetCo Solutions can help. Contact us at or at 616.916.3306.
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Our Services

Capture (Government Business Development)

JetCo Solutions becomes your embedded government sales and marketing team, making sophisticated capture services available to you. Our clients win government contracts. Lots of them.


Without the correct research tools and talent to identify the right target audience and solicitations, opportunities are missed. JetCo Solutions provides data-driven tools and resources to help you focus your government sales effort.

Proposal Management & Bid Writing

Finding bid and writing responses is time consuming and requires talent. We can help. JetCo Solutions manages proposals and writes effective bid responses for a variety of clients.


Not everyone needs a GSA Schedule for government sales. We candidly determine whether you need one and streamline the complex submission process, saving you time and frustration.

Federal Focus Report

The federal government is a massive potential customer. With so many access points, it's difficult to focus efforts wisely. Your Federal Focus Report gives you the intel needed to focus your government sales efforts.

Federal Action Plan

Your Federal Action Plan gives you the information, strategies, and evaluation recommendations to launch an effective and comprehensive business-to-government (B2G) capture and marketing plan.

Competitive Assessment Report

The Competitive Assessment Report details ten of your competitors. The deliverable provides company information, their federal spend, and their top contracting agencies. In addition, we provide an assessment regarding your competition's perceived differentiators in the federal space.

B2G Launch Pad™

B2G Launch Pad is a six-month program designed to help you methodically determine whether business-to-government (B2G) sales and marketing efforts fit into your sales culture. Each step in the program is intended to help you determine your internal readiness for a full-time government sales effort.