Consulting Firm Expands Services to Help Small Businesses Pivot During Economic Downturn

GRAND RAPIDS, MICH (July 13, 2020) — A local business consulting firm specializing in government sales recently expanded their services to help small businesses pivot during the economic downturn.

JetCo Solutions, a government sales and marketing organization based in Grand Rapids, is now offering a six-month government sales program and data-driven reports to help companies determine if they will be successful selling to the government.

“Everyone knows about commercial sales, but not many people know about the stability behind selling to the government,” said Lieutenant Colonel (retired) Jon Tellier, President of JetCo Solutions. “Government sales are virtually recession-proof. During times of crisis, now more than ever, the government needs capable companies that can provide them with quality products and services.”

JetCo Solutions’ new services include the B2G Launch Pad™ program and Federal Focus Reports. B2G Launch Pad™ is a six-month program designed to help small companies methodically determine whether business-to-government sales and marketing efforts fit into their sales culture. The Federal Focus Report is a data-driven document that provides details on if and where the government is buying your products and services.

According to LTC (retired) Tellier, the government posts an average of 2,544 requests for products and services each day.

“We have small business clients who are winning million-dollar contracts right now because they pivoted into government sales,” said LTC (retired) Tellier. “We’re here to help small businesses find success during these hard times.”

“Now is the time to diversify your revenue. If the economy takes a hit again, it’s important to be prepared and have a strong revenue stream so that your business doesn’t get knocked down.”

You can find more information about JetCo Solutions' services by visiting

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