Amber Storteboom Joins JetCo Solutions as Marketing Manager

Grand Rapids, MICH (June 3, 2022) — JetCo Solutions, a Grand Rapids-based government sales and marketing organization, welcomed a new team member this month.

Amber Storteboom

Amber Storteboom is the marketing manager at JetCo Solutions. In this role, she manages the marketing process at JetCo Solutions to aid the sales team and the company as a whole. This includes preparing materials for events, managing content marketing, website maintenance, and supporting lead generation.

Prior to her role at JetCo Solutions, Amber was a marketing coordinator at an online manufacturer search directory where she managed the content creation process and keeping content up to date across multiple websites.

To learn more about the JetCo Solutions team, please visit our team page.

New Hire Amber

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