Our goal is to help clients win contracts. Our process for writing begins with capturing win themes, develops with effective writing, and ends with a comprehensive, cohesive, complete bid response.

JetCo Proposal Services 

▪  Proposal Management
▪  Technical Writing
▪  Color Reviews
▪  Volume Management
▪  Bid Assembly and Submission

JetCo proposal team members are experienced writers and proposal managers who adhere to industry best practices and are active members of the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP).

Process and Deliverables

Our process for proposal management is client-centric and customized. We rely upon our clients for their subject matter expertise and we streamline their involvement to respect their time. Our proposal managers communicate consistently with clients throughout a solicitation response.

We don’t force clients to adapt to a boilerplate bid response process. Instead, we adapt our proven process to fit the complexity of the solicitation and the client’s organization. Each client is different and each solicitation has unique requirements.

Over-engineered, complex processes don’t increase probabilities for winning.

“And, our response along with the associated review is another testament to your writing ability – you make us all look good…”  

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