The federal budget is almost $4 trillion.

Federal agencies spend billions weekly on an incredibly diverse range of products and services, making  the federal government a potentially lucrative client.

Federal spending numbers are powerful and intimidating.

  • There are 8,879 contracting offices across 15 federal departments with 433 federal agencies, with 36,000 contracting officers and specialists overseeing the solicitation process.
  • The Federal Acquisition Register (FAR), which is the list of procurement rules, has 53 parts in eight subchapters. Printed, it is more than 2,000 pages.
  • Each day in 2014, the federal government posted an average of 540 solicitation related notices.

Without focus, companies new to government sales will spend an enormous amount of time and staff resources. They will also likely fail. Let your competitors be scattered. You be the focused one, identifying appropriate target agencies, contracting offices and upcoming opportunities.

JetCo Intel provides tools and resources to help you focus.

Federal Focus Report:  We develop a customized, informative document which presents meaningful intel with actionable recommendations to focus your government sales efforts.
SAM Registration: We develop your customized profile in the federal government’s System for Award Management (SAM).
Diverse Supplier Action Plan:   We expand your Federal Focus Report to help you maximize your diverse supplier status.