JetCo clients hire us because we win. We are a sales organization. We are competitive, we set goals, and we measure our performance against those goals. Working with us, clients expand their in-house capabilities and capacity. We become an extension of their sales team, helping them achieve organizational goals. JetCo Capture services span the entire government sales and marketing life cycle.

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Every JetCo client has strong company capabilities and experience. They know their industry, and they come to us ready to bid competitively and develop customized, agency-centric solutions.

Recognizing that capture begins with data and connectivity and succeeds with effective research and proposal management, our fees are structured to include research and proposal management. Collectively, JetCo clients have received more than $2.95 billion in contract awards with 268 local, state, federal and defense agencies.

“…at our kick off meeting today on the data entry project a number of people from the State commented on the very high quality of our bid submission compared with many others they had seen”  

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