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What is a GSA Schedule?

The General Services Administration (GSA) establishes long-term government-wide contracts with qualified companies to provide access to millions of commercial supplies and services at volume discount pricing. For a federal contractor, a GSA schedule can be a highly effective vehicle for federal government sales. For a federal buyer, a GSA schedule is an efficient, effective purchasing mechanism.

Not every business should have a GSA schedule.

There is a common misperception that a GSA schedule is required to sell to government. This is not always the case.

JetCo Solutions brings a data-driven approach to GSA sales – we research whether the schedule makes sense based on government’s buying trends.  Before accepting a GSA client or encouraging a company to pursue a GSA schedule, JetCo Solutions helps them determine:

1. Whether having a GSA schedule is right for their government sales strategy
2. Which agencies purchase their product or service using GSA, and how much they buy through GSA

This evidence-based approach is important – data should drive decisions. This is an important step, skipped by many GSA consultants. If you don’t have the product or the sales culture that fits GSA, you should not invest time and money in securing one.

Maybe that wasn’t the greatest pep talk; we believe in honest communication.

GSA Schedules are an efficient, effective vehicle for selling to government. But they are just that — a vehicle for government sales. They do not guarantee revenue. Before you hire someone to help you get on the GSA, make sure you are ready to sell using it.

Or, you can hire a company that doesn’t walk away after you receive your schedule. JetCo Solutions is full service in GSA assistance. We help clients prepare and submit their GSA proposal. Then, we excel in helping them develop and implement a tactical sales and marketing strategy to win in GSA sales.