JetCo Intel

The Competitive Edge

When companies hire our team, they typically aren’t choosing between us and another consulting firm like ours. Instead, they are usually deciding to outsource for the first time, after having written their own bid responses and handled their own government capture in house. These companies ask great questions to vet our team and our process,…

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Competition is good….really

Smart business owners think about their competition.  Some might ponder on it from time to time, wonder what their competitors are up to, yet never really dig deep. For others, it becomes all-consuming – it’s unsettling, they stress about it, and lose sleep over it.  But competition is good, and there is a lot to…

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Worst government sales pep talk ever.

Selling to government agencies doesn’t always add up. Decisions must be made about what agencies buy what you sell, how much they buy of it, how they buy and how often. Selling to the federal government can be rather intimidating. Information barriers are enormous, the rules are confusing and solicitations are long-winded. The math is…

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