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Kate Dingeldey

KATE DINGELDEY, Senior GSA Specialist

Kate is the Senior GSA Specialist at JetCo Solutions. With over three years of experience in the government contracting industry, Kate helps JetCo Solutions clients through the process of getting on a GSA schedule. Once awarded a contract, she helps companies maintain their contract so they stay compliant. Kate’s role also includes, but is not limited to, maintaining multiple databases, leading client meetings, communicating with Contracting Officers, and tracking program budget progress.


Bachelor of Political Science – Pre-Law | Michigan State University

What is your favorite client story?

Kate’s favorite client story happened when she was working in JetCo’s Research Department. She said, “I had found an opportunity for a client that did not ‘pop’ in their typical search. They ended up pursuing the contract and winning it! It was an awesome feeling knowing that I was a part of that.”