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Emily Ferrera

EMILY FERRERA, Technical Writer

Emily is a Technical Writer at JetCo Solutions. In this role, she drafts and edits proposals for clients and meets with them throughout the process to discuss JetCo Solutions’ approach to a specific bid. Emily formats and curates a response for each client opportunity and showcases the company’s mission and capability to the government so that clients keep winning contracts.

Past Experience

Previous to her role at JetCo Solutions, Emily was a writing consultant, helping others with their own writing process and aiding in the drafting and editing of documents.


Bachelor of Science in Writing with a focus on Creative Writing and Technical Writing. Minor in Photography | Grand Valley State University

What’s your favorite part about your job?

Emily’s favorite part about her job is working with a remarkably diverse client-based. She said, “I learn something new every day when I write for these powerful businesses, and I have a strong appreciation for the niche products and services they provide.”