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Case Studies

Temporary Wall

Case Study: Temporary Wall Manufacturing Company

By Lauren Postma

A temporary wall manufacturing and installation company came to JetCo Solutions after struggling to understand the GSA submission process on their own. Through careful vetting, this company decided on hiring us due to the breadth of our GSA services, their confidence in our government experience, and our Michigan-based location.

Case Study: Control Systems Engineering Company

By Emily Ferrera

One of our engineering clients started their relationship with JetCo Solutions four years ago when we supported them in a high-visibility contract pursuit with the U.S. Army. The Army needed updated functionality for controllers in their 1,200+ Rough Terrain Cargo Handlers (RTCHs).

Circuit Board

Case Study: Engineering Services Company

By Hannah Barnes

An engineering services company hired us to assist them in building a professional relationship with the government. The company’s CEOs had previous experience with the government at another company but were unsure of how to enter the field with their new company. They came to us in their first year of business.

Plants Growing

Case Study: Environmental Quality Company

By The JetCo Solutions Team

In 2010, a leading indoor environmental quality company hired us to support their government sales efforts. They had a strong business development team – led by an engaged, enthusiastic CEO – which had developed relationships with government facility end-users. They had an internal gap when it came to understanding the contracting / solicitation process with federal agencies, and with developing a cohesive bid response for complex bid opportunities.

Lock on Door

Case Study: Professional Security Services Company

By The JetCo Solutions Team

A professional security services company hired us in 2010 to assist them in securing a GSA schedule and expanding their government sales efforts. The company has an extremely strong infrastructure, a highly loyal customer base, and had been successful in winning public sector business at the local, state and federal levels of government. Due to their success, they were at capacity for additional capture and proposal management.

Truck on Highway

Case Study: Order Fulfillment Company

By The JetCo Solutions Team

After recently deciding to diversify into government, a highly innovative order fulfillment company hired us in 2014 to serve as their government sales team. Company leadership was familiar enough with government contracting to understand the massive information barriers they would have to overcome, and chose to outsource the effort to maximize their leadership team on their core functions.