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Competitor Profiling

The world of government contracting is akin to a game of chess; a game we are exceptionally good at [government contracting, not chess]. When developing a strategy of whom to market to and how to do so, we identify competitors and study them extensively. This gives us the ability to better position our clients to…

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Be the Giraffelope: How to Stand Out in Your Government Proposals

It is sunrise on the Serengeti. Your expedition has been delightful up until this point. You have viewed lions, elephants, giraffes, and antelopes in addition to the vast, breathtaking endless stretches of open plain. Despite all the beauty you have witnessed and the challenge of navigating remote terrain, you feel you have missed something. You…

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Competition is good….really

Smart business owners think about their competition.  Some might ponder on it from time to time, wonder what their competitors are up to, yet never really dig deep. For others, it becomes all-consuming – it’s unsettling, they stress about it, and lose sleep over it.  But competition is good, and there is a lot to…

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